Nina's Dog Walk

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Review from I must tell you that when I left NYC and moved to Jersey City I was really sad to lose my amazing walker there ... she cared and LOVED her job ... after having a few different experiences here in JC - I came across Nina. If there's one thing I could say it would be to stop looking and hire her. You are getting so much more than what you are paying for ... I feel I can finally breathe ... like this is the person my dog (whom is VERY large and LOVES her) is supposed to be with ... she cares - she loves what she does ... you CANNOT pay enough for that. You are getting the Ferrari of dogwalkers that's charging you for a Ford ...  worth every single penny and then some. 100% professional and reliable and dependable. There are alot of people in JC that do this part time while they pursue other interests ( and there's nothing wrong with that ) ... this is Nina's business and she has made painstaking efforts to fine tune it. At the end of each walk she leaves a report card and lets you know everything about the walk. And to further appease you - she sends a text to you as well to let you know they've been taken care of ... again ... do yourself a favor and stop looking. This is who should be walking your dog.

Product or Service - 50/50 Customer Service - 50/50

Reviewed by - Kevin M (2009-12-31 )

Review from I agree completely w/ the previous rave reviews, and would be remiss to not sing Nina's praises as well. -She is 100% reliable, dependable, and great with our dog. We love the report cards, too. She is a gem and I cannot say enough positive things about the service she provides.

Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service -50/50

Reviewed by- Jen S.  (2009-09-15)

Review from - Nina is an absolute dream. I cannot express enough how much she has helped us with our puppy and how much we love her & consider her a part of our family. She always spends extra time with our dog when she has it, and really cares for her. She was our second dog walker, and we are MUCH happier with Nina's services and would very very highly recommend her to anyone. We were comfortable with her in our home and she always treated our dog like one of her own. She texts you each day when she is done with your pet and will let you know how the walk went.

VERY VERY highly recommended to anyone who loves their pet!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2009-03-12 )

Review from - We couldn't be happier with Nina's Dog Walk! Nina is great with our dog *and* our cat, giving them lots of personal attention. She takes pictures and sends texts of/about the walks she takes our dog on, and I really appreciate those little touches! She also leaves doggie report cards to let us know how our dog did on his walk. I can't say enough good things-- I highly recommend her service!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
Reviewed by - Kara W.  (2008-10-14 )

Review from - I couldn't be happier with the care that Nina gives my dog - and also the fact that she goes beyond the 20 minute standard Jersey City walk time.
She really cares - and it shows and I so appreciate that!

Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2008-07-07 )

Review from - My dog loves Nina! She gets along great with him and he seems to enjoy his time with her. She is very reliable--she always texts before and after the walk, and calls with questions if something seems out of order (e.g., one time my dog managed to get his post-surgery cone off before she came to walk him, and she called to see if I'd taken it off). I would definitely recommend her as a trustworthy and friendly dog-walker!
Product or Service - 50/50  Customer Service - 50/50
(2008-07-07 )


Review from 

We are so happy to have found Nina.  She is so accomodating.  Going to work without worrying is such a relief; we know our puppy is in good hands.  She always texts to let me know when she gets in and leaves, and lets me know how our pup is doing.  I highly recommend her.   R.N. from Jersey City Heights.

Review from

The presence of Nina has made our daily life much more mangeable. Our dog loves her and looks forward to her arrival every day! I can tell she is an animal person and that he has a good time based on his behavior when I get home. Nina is very flexible with our needs & schedule alterations. I recommend her for any pet services. 09/18/08 Christina A.