Nina's Dog Walk

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About Us       


Have you ever felt guilty or stressed out about leaving your dog home alone for hours on end? 

The majority of people who own pets worry about them but are unable to spend enough time with them as a result of commitments and responsibilites.

I was one of those people and it created a great deal of stress for me. I experienced guilty feelings and always thought if I could just go home and walk my dog for just a little while, I'd feel better. However I wasn't able to do that.

I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a service where one could have peace of mind & at the same time remain career focused, lessening the burden of guilty feelings?

I thought to myself, I love dogs and would love a service like that in my neighborhood but none were available. The end result would be happy dogs as well as happy owners. All the potential to be a win win situation.

One day on my way to work I had an epiphany and realized, hey wait a minute, I could do that. I love dogs, I love walking them, why not provide a service like that?

Having had a career in retail and in the pet industry, specifically dogs, it seemed like the right move. I could provide peace of mind to dog-owners, exercise for their dogs, myself, convenience and affordability.

That's when I dreamed up Nina's Dog Walk.

In Loving Memory to: The Tramp, Brandy, Sy and Mama.